The Art-Video-Library is an initiative of Artvark.


Our long quest for a way to make video-art available for private users took an interesting turn when we found the Beam: an aesthetic, multi-purpose beamer that looks really good in your home and is fun to work and play with.


Besides all the possibilities like showing your photo’s, playing a Netflix- or Youtube-movie, using it for a presentation at work or just simply as a lamp in your living-room, Beam makes a perfect intriguing eye-catcher when you use the Beam in combination with the Art-Video-Library!


Beam art-video’s on your table, wall, ceiling or in an open drawer. Project on your kitchen-counter or staircase-wall and let a little girl dance on the surface, or water drops move on your floor! Make it the centre-piece of a diner with friends or just let it play in the background during a party.


The cooperation between Artvark, Beam en the EYE Filmmuseum is the basis of the Art-Video-Library. Together we make art-video’s accessible for a larger audience and will keep looking for alternative ways to reach even more people and make the library compatible with more devices. And we love it!