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Own a Beam

First you have to own a Beam. You can buy one here (and you will get an art-video by Marcella Kuiper ( to keep) and the Beam-Your-Art-app to project your art-video’s for free.

Visit our library

Then visit the library and browse the video’s. You can watch a short preview of each video that will
give you an idea of the full video.


Renting an art-video is easy and inexpensive: just select the video you like from the library, drop it in
your basket and check out. Or select 3 video’s and receive a discount of € 5,-


After your purchase, you will receive a conformation-mail with an invoice.

Beam-Your-Art- app

Beam will put the video(s) in your personal Beam-Your-Art-app in a 1 to 2 days, and you’re ready to go.
The art-video(‘s) will play in a loop automatically when you activate the app on your Beam.

New video’s

The video (‘s) will automatically be removed from your Beam when it (they) expire(s) after a month. After that you can visit the website to select new films.